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I am Sabrina Kraft, I am 39 years old and I live in Munich. I am a down-to-earth girl, from a small village in nowhere in Bavaria.
I have a wonderful son and family that I absolutely love.
As a CMO, I have the experience of leading 120 people, motivating teams and developing companies. But I think there is more.

I am an investor, I own real estate in various cities and I am driven by the idea of ​​straightening things out and getting the best out of people.
I have the courage to do crazy things (shark diving) and have traveled the world - studied in Australia and traveled over 30 countries, but my 2nd home, where my heart stuck, are the Maldives.
We in Europe fight for equality for women in business, there we start by gaining respect in order to survive in business.
It is not enough to be successful, to be financially free and to travel the world. It is up to our generation to clean things up, to hand the world over perfectly to the next generation and to get something good out of it for women. Whether for women in the Maldives, in the world or here in Germany, whether for the seas or other topics. I want to give something back.
Nobody knocks on your door and will change things for you, it is up to us to do that. My generation for the next and so on.
My secret? I just do it because it has to be done and its urgent. Where is my time more valuable than here? Time is not money. Money without time has no value. And the value is to keep our world worth living in.

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"Dear Sabrina, everyone who gets to know you has got a piece of happiness.
You turned my life 180 degrees!"

– Lisa Marie Engbert –



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Sales Specialist and Fitness Advisor

Lisa Marie Engbert

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